Radicenter OU

Radicenter is a web hosting company which story began in 1999, when we started to offer web hosting services. What begun as a small-scale reseller activity has grown over the years into a full-service, international organization that has solid values and knowledge base. Today, Radicenter is mostly business-oriented service provider.
Operating in international markets helps us better understand customer needs and follow trends in web hosting industry. Technology has evolved over the ages, but the basic needs of customers have remained unchanged. Customers wish for a reliable service regardless of their location, an easy and affordable solution for websites and E-Mail services.

Additional possibilities and services can and must exist, but Radicenter has focused and will continue to do what we know best - simple and reliable solutions.

Our primary mission is to be the trusted provider of infrastructure services. Today the web hosting service is as important as the telephone was for communications in the 20th century.

Dependability and reliability, it is what we do best and that this is what we offer.
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