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tarting a Web Hosting company is a major undertaking. If you do hosting right….. Hiring good technicians, buying quality equipment, and developing a service that people actually want to buy consumes a lot of financial resources. Indeed… there are many hoops to jump through to get setup and running. When the ‘collective’ brain behind ServerGenie got together and formulated a plan – we wanted to solve one problem: Trust. After touring hundreds of data centers and meeting with hundreds of web hosting companies through the years, it became very clear to us. There just aren’t very many trustworthy web hosting solutions out there. I guess you are wondering what ‘trust’ means. It’s used in a broad term in regards to ServerGenie. We think it means doing the right things to ensure your web site is online all the time. We also think that it means being straightforward and honest with our pricing plans and terms and conditions (don’t get me started on unlimited web hosts – that’s another topic altogether for trust). Let’s stay away from unlimited hosts for now and take aim at our now famous back alley data center tour and how it relates to trust. The web host in question had a brilliant website, great prices, and seemingly great everything. Wanting to learn more about this web host we arranged a tour and lunch meeting. Upon arriving at the data center we were shocked. Here are just a few bullet points of what we saw.. Back Alley Data Center Highlights Strip Club directly across the street Motorcycle repair ship behind Owner told us that facility was secure because motorcycle shop had a guard dog Carpeted flooring in the data center Bread rack of maybe 5-10 servers, low quality Window unit served as A/C (window units can easily be pulled out of the window to gain access) No security guard No backup generators Web Host hosted his main website at As you can see, a lot of trust issues here when you are putting your online business in this guys hands. He didn’t even trust his own hosting enough to use his own data center. Trust. If this guy doesn’t trust his own hosting, why should you? ServerGenie takes your business serious, and your livelihood serious. The principals at ServerGenie have all been involved with successful online ventures. We know what it means to make your sole living off the web. Web Hosts will suck you in with low cost dream deals, offers too good to be true, and bartering down to the last dollar. In reality, they are bringing you in as one of the herd, with no special considerations at all. If you don’t fit in with their low usage quotas, they will up-sell you or get rid of you. It’s that basic and we have a lot of customers you can watch on our testimonials page that will confirm this. Let us earn your trust – it’s really the only thing that matters in Web Hosting.
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