At , we employ a state of the art, high quality network. Starting with Cisco routers and switches connected to the internet through a high-speed, triple-redundant, 10 GIG fiber network. With multiple GigE connections, this allows for the high bandwidth that is required for even the most bandwidth intensive programs needed to stay competitive in the ever changing world wide web.

The high speed connection means that streaming multimedia, probably the biggest bandwidth consumer, will be as easy to view as pictures. The triple-redundancy of our network means that if one of our circuits go down, we won't lose our high-speed connectivity. This was designed to offer you the most reliable service possible. For even better piece of mind, we are constantly upgrading our network to provide the best service possible. The providers that are in the facility rank among the top rated providers in the world. These include Internap, Global Crossing, PCCW, Mzima, and Savvis.

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