PEEK Hosting (Pvt) Ltd

Reliable and Top Rated Web Hosting Provider & Authorized Agent of LK Domain Registry since 2013. We Provide Linux Shared Hosting, Linux VPS, Dedicated Servers and White Label Reseller Packages, and all international and local domains.

Technical support is our first priority and you can always contact us using LiveChat for instant technical support.

Shared Hosting

We provide Shared Hosting by Dedicated Servers and the server performance is following here.

  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2699 v4 @ 2.20GHz (Core 44 Thread 88)
  • 256GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1gbps uplink connectivity
  • DDoS Protection Available (10gbps)
  • USA Location

With this high-performance server capacity, your websites will be faster even, if you ever faced from anywhere else. We will allow 2GB DDR4 RAM for each cPanel and 2 Core CPUs for each due to we have enough CPU Cores idle.

We are using CloudLinux OS on our all servers. As we are using CloudLinux, we enabled NodeJS and Python Selectors also on our Shared Hosting packages. Sending emails by MailChannels service is a great part of emailing with us. It will be guaranteed of delivery into Inbox.

Reseller Hosting

We have several Reseller Hosting Packages. As a partner of cPanel LLC, we are giving the cPanel per account charge of $0.22. USD. Your every cPanel will have 2 Core and 2GB RAM as Shared Hosting. This service is completely white-labeled. Don't worry about the Security of the servers. We are using Imunify360 CloudLinux Firewall and CSF, LFD, and Basic ModSecurity Rules of cPanel LLC. If you are migrating from somewhere else, we will do all the migration tasks for free for you.

LK Domains

We are an Authorized LK Domain Partner of the LK Domain Registry. You can simply buy LK Domains from us easily.

Enterprise Class Web Hosting

These are well designed for websites that are getting high traffic and using more RAM. These are highly optimised with Dedicated CPU Cores from 2 Core and 4GB RAM with more INODES. You can see our Enterprise Class Hosting packages here and see how powerful these are.

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