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DWHS was started in 2001 by webmasters that got fed up with web hosting services that where unstable, filled with lies, and hidden charges. Things like fake unlimited offers and overselling that really costs you much more money from slow and bad performing web hosting. So two webmasters from Los Angeles partnered up to make the best possible web hosting service with no lies and the fastest most reliable network possible. Even today hosts still have these fake offers to entice uninformed website owners. The truth is these hosts will have thousands of websites on one server. Here at DWHS we limit our servers to about 300 websites, this means much faster and more reliable connections at all times. We also removed slow connections like Verio, Cogent, and many other slower connections to keep the fastest possible network. Some of our competitors use these connections as their main connection! Simply put, we will always offer the best possible service and continually get better all for the lowest possible price.

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530 W. 6th St. Suite 805
Los Angeles, CA US



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