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is a graphical web-based control panel that helps you quickly and easily manage your website and hosting account. cPanel gives you complete control over a vast amount of functions, streamlining useful processes such as:

  • Creating databases
  • Managing website files
  • Setting up email accounts & auto responders

cPanel has grown to become the most popular web hosting control panel, running millions of websites around the world. cPanel was created to give server and website owners control over their properties. Whether you’re managing one, or hundreds, of servers and/or websites, cPanel’s user friendly point-and-click interface allows you to customize your web hosting experience to fit your needs. Our Customer Service and Technical support teams are outstanding attending to every customer need. See what our partner say about our support; @cpanel is completely amazing. Their support is blazing fast and their product is evolving into the bomb! We also offer many opportunities to our partner to help grow and manage their product line, such as:

Visit our cPanel Partner Directory: (Advertise all of your brands and information)

cPanel University (Get your team cPanel certified)

Community Forums (join other cPanel community members)

cPanel Feature Requests (What do you want to see next, our developers listen)

Manage2 Guide (licensing, billing, users, support requests, and more)

Marketing Collateral (logos, web content, etc.)

Migration Information (free for partners, we do all the work for you)

Edge Users mailing list (keep up to date with the latest going on with product development)

Trial License (15-Day) try it out!

Application Catalog (find 3rd party applications made for cPanel)

Video Library (Collection of past webinars)

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In our periodical cPanel Partner visits, we discuss with partners a cPanel Partner Opportunity Evaluation in which we rate various opportunity points of your usage of cPanel partner benefits and services.

*Partner Opportunity Evaluation Points

*Completed Profile

*Attends/Exhibits Annual cPanel Conferences

*Support Ratio within acceptable range

*cPanel Content Displayed on your site

*cPanel offered prominently in your shopping cart/order form

*cPanel Branding on homepage

*Exclusively offering cPanel control panel

cPanel, Inc.

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Houston, Texas United States


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